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No to Antisemitic Hate Speech Online

Project Goals

RESPOND! No to Antisemitic Hate Speech Online!

The collaborative project, RESPOND!

Pursues the goal of developing and disseminating a sustainable counter-voice of young people to combat antisemitic hate speech on social media in Germany.

Builds on a combination of basic and applied research, and seeks to develop sustainable measures and concepts for education and prevention work.

Aims to enable young addressees and witnesses of antisemitic hate speech to recognize its discursive tactics on social media, even in their modern and more subtle manifestations, and to respond to them in a media-competent manner.

These goals will be addressed by four separate, but interconnected studies​

Study 1

Content/discourse analysis of antisemitic hate rhetoric on the most relevant social media platforms used by young people in Germany (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube).

Study 2

Focus group research on the vulnerability of young people in Germany to antisemitic hate rhetoric on social media and their ability to respond to it in a media-competent manner.

Study 3

Development, implementation, and evaluation of the train-the-trainer RESPOND! Media Competence Training to strengthen media literacy in dealing with antisemitic hate speech on social media. Multiplication of the training to 600 young people.

Study 4

Sensitization of 600 prospective teachers in the Berlin, Potsdam, and Bielefeld areas to the vulnerabilities and competencies of young people in dealing with antisemitic hate speech on social media.

The four studies build on each other. For this purpose, RESPOND! assembles a scientific expert team of antisemitism researchers, media and cultural psychologists, together with experts from the fields of inclusion education, racism prevention and social services. Participating academic institutions are Touro University Berlin, Hochschule Bielefeld – University of Applied Sciences and Arts, and the University of Potsdam. RESPOND! cooperates closely with the Jewish Community of Berlin, the largest Jewish community in Germany.

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